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Press : With the Sunday Box, share your photos on your grandparents' TVs

Posted by Clémence LAUBRY-NICOLAY on

Press : With the Sunday Box, share your photos on your grandparents' TVs

Created by a start-up based in Bordeaux, a new box allows us to send photos or videos to our family members on their television from the other side of the world.

Published on 1 Oct 19 at 19:58

La Sunday Box permet de connecter toute la famille.

The Sunday Box connects the whole family.(©Sunday)

Stronger than Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, the Sunday Boxconnects the 2.0 generation and its elders, less comfortable with technology and social networks, thanks to a box, a remote and a television. No more need for a smartphone! It allows you to send photos or videos directly to your grandparents' TV via a mobile application. "It's the ideal solution for staying connected on a daily basis," sells the young start-up from Bordeaux.

Bringing the family together

It all started in 2015 in Bordeaux. Nelly Meunier is studying in New York, her brother is in London and her sister has opted for Beijing. The three young adults don't often have the opportunity to come back to see the family in the Gironde. For their grandmother, who lives in Ehpad, the situation is hard to live with...

With the technical help of her father, Nelly unwittingly began to create the first prototype of the Sunday Box by tinkering with a basic, hand-crafted system.

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A very personal project

It was very personal, it wasn't meant to be commercialized or become a start-up," she explains

But in the retirement home, invention is the talk of the town, and jealousy sets in in the hallway. The other residents also want their connected box to receive pictures of their grandchildren.

Dirty weather for France 3: Question for a champion and Numbers and letters are dethroned by the Sunday Box in the hearts of the senior people.

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The young 32-year-old entrepreneur and her invention are of interest to care homes for dependent elderly people. "The box allows to recreate the link, changes the ideas during the care, helps to relieve the residents and to personify the rooms...", says Nelly Meunier.

Isolation, social rupture, heavy pathologies... Life in Ehpad is not always rosy and the small box promises to bring back a little colour to a grey, somewhat morose daily life.

Video. The Sunday box to recreate the link with your loved ones : 



A little happiness at the end of life

Banco! The invention seduces and becomes a real remedy. The North Bordeaux Polyclinic is one of the first establishments to order Sunday Boxes and to equip the rooms of people hospitalised in palliative care where life expectancy is eight days...

The deal is simple: "If we have 10 happy people in a year, we'll have succeeded," the clinic tells the start-up. In the end, the objective is largely achieved.

For example, a grandfather was able to follow his granddaughter's wedding live in Canada. Every hour, he received new photos or videos on his television in his hospital room.

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Better than Instagram, less self-centered...

For Nelly Meunier, the Sunday Box brings a real comfort of life, but also comfort and love:

We're going against the flow of Instagram. We're not about self-centeredness. We only share our photos or videos with people we love. It's the thought that counts, more than the chase for like.

Thanks to the television set installed in her grandmother's room, the Gironde businesswoman has managed to keep in regular contact despite thousands of kilometers and different time zones, whereas it was complicated before.

Indeed, while smartphones or computers can be difficult for seniors to handle, the Sunday Box is extremely ergonomic.

Each time a photo or video is received, a light on the remote control lights up. All you have to do is turn on the TV with this remote control and in two or three clicks, the documents are displayed on the screen.

La start-up se développe à vitesse grand V et a recruté de nouveaux collaborateurs ces derniers mois.

The start-up is growing at a fast pace and has recruited new employees in recent months(©Sunday).

"Addicted grannies."

Besides, the invention did not convince that old people's homes. At the CES in Las Vegas in 2018, the most important show dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics, the bosses of major French brands such as Boulanger or Darty showed their interest in the product.

Since its launch at the end of 2018, Sunday Box has changed the lives of some grandmothers, say some convinced buyers who have expressed their opinion of the brand.

An internet connection is mandatory...

"Some grannies have become addicts," smiles Nelly Meunier. In any case, it allows you to think about your loved ones every day. »

Proof of this success: in just a few months, the start-up grew from three employees - the three partners (Nelly Meunier and her father Pierre, as well as Yohan Ebrard) - to eleven. 

The only downside to the Sunday Box, which sells for 99 euros, is that it necessarily requires an Internet connection. Of course it does. The start-up isn't working miracles yet.

But that could change at Christmas

Finally, almost: "We know that this is sometimes a hindrance for some elderly people who don't have wifi. That's why we will soon be launching our "Sunday GO" solution, a 3G key specially developed to operate the Sunday Box," says the brand.

If all goes well, it should be on sale by Christmas. Just in time to be slipped into the hood of the North Pole's most famous bearded man.


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