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Episode 1: How I wound up on the set of "Who Wants to Be My Business Partner?"

Posted by Clémence LAUBRY-NICOLAY on

Episode 1: How I wound up on the set of "Who Wants to Be My Business Partner?"

“And.. action ! “ 

To be propelled in front of 5 success stories, 5 personalities that are Marc Simoncini, Marc Vanhove, Delphine André, Frédéric Mazzella, Éric Larchevêque and Catherine Barba: it's a great moment!

D-Day is coming in a few weeks and we'll tell you what's behind the scenes :)

How did it come to this? 

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Nelly CEOSundayYoann CBOSundayClémence Marketing ManagerSunday

We've been contacted by Sony Production to introduce Sunday to the cast of "Who Wants To Be My Partner?" (who wasn't called that yet!).

After several rather intense selection phases over more than 5 months (sharing a business plan, precise presentation of ourSunday Box, an application file of more than 80 pages, pitch and re-pitch...) which put our motivation to the test (but you know us atSunday: we're always motivated!), we were finally selected to take part in the show and try our luck with a jury of national Business Angels!

As soon as our participation was validated, we were accompanied by Raphaël, our personal coach, also a company director, to prepare us for the pitching exercise live on TV. 

How did it really come to this?

Clémence, Arthur, Yoann, Pierre and myself, we meet up in Yoann's car on a Sunday evening for a trip from Bordeaux to Paris that will finally last more than 10 hours (what a brilliant idea to leave by car in the middle of holiday traffic jams!).

Small anecdote, we took 2 hours before crossing the city of Poitiers, a real journey.

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Le panneau que nous aimons tant :)

Obviously, the arrival is just as hectic as the journey: we're in the wrong hotel so we arrive at 3:30 in the morning in our rooms in 93 near the studios where we have an appointment the next day for shooting. 4 small hours of sleep later (long live the rings!) and here we are in the studios of M6. I don't drink coffee, but it's about time :) 

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Nelly CEOSundayet Pierre CTOSunday5 h du mat… 

Make-up session (to cover those famous dark circles), installation of the microphones, discovery of the set, meeting with the film crew and the other participants (Les Cartes de Lulu and SOS Valise), preparation of the pitch then stress stage "what am I doing here" while waiting for the fateful hour... the pressure is mounting, it's really not a game. We come to defend our company, what we've been fighting for since its creation, why we get up every morning, for our users, for our team ... the stakes are very real.

Last training before shooting and meeting with the jury.

That's it ! This time it's ours.

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Nelly CEOSundayet Yoann CBOSunday

After meeting up with Julien Courbet and answering a few initial questions in front of the cameras, we leave the Sunday team and the backstages, heading for 'le grand bain'!

The Sony Production team guides Yoann and I to the filming area, then quickly explains how we're going to have to interact, where we're going to have to be on the set... the stress is about 1000%.

We have the impression that we forget everything we know (what's a Sunday Box?), we tell ourselves that there are 5 seats and that in 30 minutes, we'll be facing 5 renowned investors and that what we're going to present to them will soon be broadcasted in prime time on a major national TV channel....  No room for error!

Come on, we'll soon be on M6, get ready ! I'll tell you the rest soon ^^

In the meantime, we'll meet you on February 11th for a "Who wants to be my partner?" evening that we're organizing at the Village by CA in Bordeaux! 

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