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Episode 2: How I lived my passage on "Who Wants to Be My Business Partner"

Posted by Clémence LAUBRY-NICOLAY on

Episode 2: How I lived my passage on "Who Wants to Be My Business Partner"

In front of me, Marc Simoncini, Marc Vanhove, Delphine André, Frédéric Mazzella and Catherine Barba. Enough to lose its means ...


Before arriving on the set...

We meet Julien Courbet, who reassures us a little and asks us about our intentions during the show. What are our objectives atSunday, why are we coming to present our company to the 5 hand-picked investors waiting for us on the other side of the door?

Basically: why are we giving ourselves this dose of crazy stress ^^

The tone is benevolent, positive, but the stress is at its peak: the cameras have started shooting and something tells me that in a few moments, the exercise will be less easy...


More than 1H30 of stress for only a few minutes on the TV screen!

Our coach had made it clear: we have to be clear and pragmatic. Absolutely start by recapitulating the amount of our financial objective and the share of the company we are ready to offer in return for this investment.

Then ... well, let's hope we are well prepared!

I'll go first. I'm going in, my heart is pounding, my hands are clammy, the heat is starting to rise... I live my company, I live my team, I live my partners, I live my investors, I don't want to disappoint them...

I finish my part of the presentation then Yoann takes over to finish the pitch.

YES! Looks like that's it, the job's done!

But the hardest part starts with the question and answer part.

We had been warned to be reassured: the tone of the show is benevolent, very far from the American 'Shark Tank' style.

The investors are not there to bully entrepreneurs in prime time on TV but to help them grow their companies, their projects.


But in spite of all our preparation, I don't think we could have imagined the density of the exchanges that were going to start at the end of our pitch. And yet this is not the first investor pitch !

We thought we would stay on the set for a maximum of half an hour... In the end, we spent more than an hour and a half, under the spotlight.

I felt that I was clearly going to faint at the end of this 1.5 hour question and answer sprint.

Fortunately, I was not alone in front of the 5 investors: Yoann was there and we could see how lucky we were to be a complementary pair to carry our company Sunday.

My team was behind it, my users, all of you!

I can't tell you more today... but the countdown is on: we'll be in prime time on M6 in less than a week!

I can't wait to discover, along with you, the result of this crazy adventure live on TV !

I hope you'll like it ...

Appointment on February 11th at 21H05 on M6 !

And for the people from Bordeaux, we'll meet at the Village by CA to live it together :)

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  • Je trouve votre concept vraiment génial.J’ai trop hâte que ma maman reçoit sa box Sunday afin qu’elle puisse voir grandir ces petits et arrières petits enfants. Peut-être avez vous un projet futur afin de pouvoir dialoguer en direct avec la Sunday Box (exp: via Skype ou autres systèmes). merci de vos bonnes pensées. Basgi de Corse

    Lembert on

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