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Francine and her family ❤️

Posted by Clémence LAUBRY-NICOLAY on

Francine and her family ❤️

Today, the Sunday team had the pleasure of welcoming Francine, a fervent user of the Sunday Box, who came to visit her family in Bordeaux. We took the opportunity to ask her how her Sunday experience was going.

Shauna: Introduce us your family 

Francine: I have a fairly large family: 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren at the moment. I live in Draguignan in the Var, but my family is divided between Alsace, Lorraine, Mayotte and Switzerland. That's a lot of miles! But despite the distance, I am very close to them.

Shauna: How did you get to know the Sunday Box ?

Francine: My daughter introduced me to it.

Shauna: What did you think ?

Francine: I thought the concept of the Sunday Box was very interesting and I would really like to have it at home. So I passed the message on to my daughter... who surprised me by giving it to me some time after our conversation. I was very happy! I set it up right away with my little girl and I enjoy it regularly. I really like the fact that the photos appear on television: seeing them in large format is really nice.

Shauna: How many people are in your Sunday Family ?

Francine: There are five.

Shauna: How are you enjoying your Sunday experience ?

Francine: Geographically, my family is quite far away, so when I get a little bit of blues, I regularly go and look at the pictures on my Sunday Box. It's really great that you can view them over and over again. It makes me feel good to see them again whenever I want.  I miss my family a lot and I think it's a good way of bringing us all closer together...

I also find that we share more things than we used to. I find that sending photos is more spontaneous! I have the feeling that my daughters are more eager to communicate. A little extra: I also have the Sunday app on my phone, so I can also exchange with them that way!

Shauna: Three words to describe Sunday :

Francine: Warm, Energizing, Tightens the bonds.

Shauna: What kind of content do you share via the application with your family?

Francine: Everyday photos of my little children, little messages that are heartwarming... 

Shauna: Your best memory Sunday?

Francine: My little girl Hanaé sent me a photo on behalf of her and her cousins, saying lots of sweet words, I was very touched. There's also a photo in Biscarrosse where the whole family was together which is very rare! Receiving more photos than before too. It's not especially a souvenir but it's something that makes me very happy.  

Thank you very much for your precious testimony Francine! We are delighted to see that Sunday makes you feel even closer to your family on a daily basis. 

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