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Interview "Who wants to be my business partner" ?

Posted by Clémence LAUBRY-NICOLAY on

Interview "Who wants to be my business partner" ?

As you probably already know, Sunday was on the "Who wants to be my business partner?" show on Tuesday night on M6. So we decided to interview Sunday's CEO Nelly about her experience on the show.


"Who wants to be my business partner?"  what is it ?


"Who wants to be my business partner?" it's a program about entrepreneurs, presented by Julien Courbet - a journalist and French television host and producer.

In this program, he highlights French entrepreneurs who want to get a little financial boost for their company. Investing in interesting projects is therefore the mission of the jury, composed of six renowned investors: Marc Simoncini (founder of the Meetic dating site and the Angell electric bicycle), Frédéric Mazzella (director of BlaBlaCar), Delphine André (president of GCA Transport and Logistics), Éric Larchevèque (founder of Ledger), Marc Vanhove (creator of Bistro Régent) and Catherine Barba (founder of Cashstore and Malinea).

Each candidate has to produce his or her pitch in order to best convince the jury of "Who wants to be my business partner?", who will decide whether or not to invest in the project. It's a very interesting television format that demonstrates the strong ambition of each person.

For the candidates, it's a real challenge to present their innovation to millions of French people. 


What about Sunday ?


Sunday has been selected to take part in this show, and thus to make the presentation of our nice Sunday Box in front of all France.

And yes, Nelly Meunier and Yoann Ebrard, co-founders of Sunday, had the amazing opportunity to meet and discuss with this jury!

It was a very interesting moment of exchange, the opportunity to receive advice from highly renowned entrepreneurs, and that's great.

The interview with Nelly Meunier highlights the few questions that many of you have! She tells us more about her participation in the show "Who wants to be my business partner?".


"We're here to bring positivism to all those who want to start their own business" - Nelly.


So, did the little box and the heart-shaped Sunday remote win the jury's heart ?  See you in a few days to get the answer :)


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