Commandez aujourd'hui, frais de port offerts ❤️


3 ingredients are required to share love with your grandparents thanks to Sunday :


1. Connection & Start-up


Plug the Sunday Box into your grandparents' TV. Connect it to WIFI with the Sunday Remote.


Sunday Box

The +: the Sunday Remote was designed by Marcel, 90 years old. With its heart-shaped design, it is ergonomic, tested and approved by grandparents with an ultra simple grip.






2. Download and Invitation

Download the Sunday App for free to your phone or tablet. Create your family and invite your friends and family by SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger.


The + : Invite as many members as you want on the Sunday Application!

3. Sharing & Love

Share your first photo or video in your Family from the Sunday App. It's magical! It comes live on your grandparents' TV. To announce the arrival of a new message, the heart of the Sunday remote lights up.



The + : your grandparents can "love" their favourite photos! A heart will then appear on your Sunday App.

Let's get started ! Bring your adventures to life on your grandparents' TV!