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Sunday Box Families,

The box full of love,

Whether you are going on holiday, a family event to come... offer your loved ones the experience that will change their lives and make them feel even closer to you. Because you are their ray of sunshine, they won't be able to do without you.

How does it work ?

3 ingredients

are necessary to share love with your loved ones thanks to Sunday

The Sunday Box

The Sunday Remote

The Sunday App

Discover in video

The Sunday Box Families, How does it work ?

Step 1 - Connection & Start-up

Connect the Sunday Box Families to the TV. Connect the Sunday Box Families to WIFI with the Sunday Remote Control: it's very quick, just follow the instructions on the screen. Secure and private, it brings the most beautiful family adventures to life.

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If you don't have WIFI, pre-order the Sunday Go 4G key now.

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Step 2 - Download & Invitation

Download the Sunday App for free on your phone or tablet. Create your Family and send invitations (SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger) to invite your loved ones to join you.

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Step 3 - Connect & Share

Share your first photo or video to your Family from the Sunday App. It's magical! It arrives live on your loved ones' TV! To announce the arrival of a new message, the heart of the Sunday Remote lights up.

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