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Sunday carries the most beautiful values in the world :



Attachment to the Family...

Love is THE answer.

Because loneliness, geographical distance, the break with the digital world are subjects that affect everyone, we are convinced that Love is the answer. Nothing changes the link, the real one, on the other hand, under certain conditions, the real link can be broken. Bringing a little happiness, warmth, balm to the heart on a daily basis is what we believe in at Sunday. So we create simple and experiential communication solutions that are accessible to all with the idea of sharing happiness for all.

Join Sunday and send Super Love

Attachment to the Family is THE engine.

Family is life, another thing we are all convinced of. And in this Family with a capital F, we find our relatives, friends, colleagues, teammates... Because even when surrounded, we can feel alone and this is one of the biggest fights at Sunday. There is no age to feel lonely. There really isn't. So we bring everyone, from great-grandchildren to great-grandparents, no matter what their appetite for technology, distance, health, age... together with an emotional and fun experience.

Authenticity is THE symbol

Collecting as many likes as possible from people you don't know, sharing photos of your children on networks around the world, dreaming about other people's lives exposed with filter... this is what we, at Sunday, fight against. Authenticity, sharing with people who love us and who we really love in all simplicity. The simple little things in life that aim to please our loved ones and to have a little attention in everyday life. Because it doesn't take much to be happy, join Sunday's fabulous adventure !

Because pictures are sometimes worth more than words...

A team with strong values

Day after day, Sunday spreads around the world and promulgates its values. One of its greatest strengths is its team. Today Cécile, Emma, Clémence, Cynthia, Morgane, Ervin, Pierre, Yoann and Nelly are a real Family. We share the same convictions and the same objective: to reconnect disconnected people. In addition to his growing team, Sunday also works with a range of companies locally and around the world. In total, more than 100 people work with Sunday. Because it is above all a human adventure 💖

The big Sunday Family!